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Here is a preliminary report from inhabitants of Hessdalen:


Report from Hessdalen January 2010




On the 5 of January 2010, about 19.00 Marit Hov Folde and her son Kjetil Folde (35) saw a big yellow- orange light between Berghøgda and Morkavollhøgda. The light stood still at first and then moved away slowly in 30-40 seconds. Then the big light suddenly disappeared in just a second. – It looked as if it burned out, we said afterwards.

There were no clouds at the time, and the stars were very bright.



During the night between 11 and 12 of  January Jannika Grimbe and Kjetil Folde saw a big light outside their bedroom.  In binoculars it looked like a big Christmas tree in different colours but especially in blue and green.

Jannika captured the light with her camera, both with her normal photo lens and with her telephoto lens. The pictures taken by Jannika showed lots of energy and activity in the “Christmas tree”.

In these pictures we could detect lots of colours, not only green and blue.

The phenomenon moved extremely slowly towards NV. After 1-2 hours it burned out.


The pictures were taken with the shutter speed of 1/15 second to 30 seconds.



Hessdalen 16.01.10


Jannika Grimbe    Kjetil Folde





Here is more to come – a map and photos.

All photos:  Copyright © Jannika Grimbe 2010.

Use without permission not allowed.


Mrs. Folde is working as a nurse. Her son Kjetil is working as a teacher in Røros, and Jannika is an archaeologist.

















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